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About Kankakee

First picture is a Kankakee city sign by which is around Kankakee borders, welcoming you to Kankakee. Current Mayor is currently Donald E. Green. Kankakee was established in 1853. Second picture is our Court House for Kankakee County. We also have free Wi-Fi in Kankakee which started in 2007.

We are the little red spot on this map.

Our handy little River Valley Metro, started within Kankakee County that now goes out to Bradley, Bourbonnais, and Manteno. Our buses are slowly becoming more and more fancier then what what they originally started out with.

A chart from a city-data site showing number of residents and age for our total population back in 2000. As you can tell in the chart, the younger age males outrank the females until you get past forty-five years old. The total population back at this time was 27, 561. Only 67 out of this total where rural population. Also at this time, 88.6% of the residents spoke English at home. Click the chart to load City Data to see more.

As told from
Wikipedia.org, Kankakee is located at 41*7'1''N, 87*51'50''W. Also according to the United States Census Bureau, Kankakee has a total area of 12,8 square miles and 12.3 of it is land while the other .5 is water. The postal code for Kankakee is 60901. Kankakee is also known for it's four high schools. Which they are Kankakee High School, Bishop Martin. D. McNamara, Grace Baptist Academy, and Kankakee Trinity Academy. Kankakee High School is the the school for the city and the most populated one out the four. The other three are private schools. Kankakee is also known for it's three produce Illinois Governors of Len Small. Samuel H. Shapiro, and George Ryan. Also we had a seven time NBA All-Star basketball player, Jack Sikma. Also Tyjuan Hagler, a Indianapolis Colt who was a linebacker and special teams player that won a Super Bowl with the Colts. He originally played for Bishop McNamara in his high school days.